Smart Living Tip: Steps to Independence

Friday, July 18, 2014

What does it mean to be independent? Does it mean to be grown up? From another perspective, what does it mean to be grown up, anyhow? I am feeling quite philosophic today; thinking a lot about things. 
  • Source of income $$$
A friend is having trouble becoming fully independent from her parents, mainly financially. You don't want to cut ties with your folks completely but don't want to have to ask them to open their wallets every time you talk to them, either.
  • A place to lay your head
With money coming in, you will get to have a place to call your own. You don't have to live by yourself but I think it's important to be living away from your parents' place. To learn to cook for yourself, clean after yourself, to form a schedule that is yours. 

You may be a couple living together but don't fall into the trap of becoming too dependent on him or her. Another friend is trying to become more independent in her relationship with her boyfriend. To have more 'her' time with her friends, to help more with the housework, and especially cooking, which has always been mainly his role thus far. He wants more help - fortunately, she agrees, so no big drama there.
  • Healthy body and mind
Everyone needs downtime. Exercise, meditate, read. Discuss and exchange ideas and opinions with others. Eat well - learn to cook. Plus, being sick costs money.
  • Freedom of movement
With a healthy body, you are capable to get to places by yourself. Walk, cycle, bus/train. Get a driver's licence, just in case. It will become handy, even if you don't drive often. Only if to have another form of official photo ID.
  • Free access to information
Knowledge is power. Read heaps, get to know the world, watch the news from time to time. The Internet makes information so easy to obtain - literally at the touch of your fingertips, on your cellphones and laptops, your constant companions.
  • Friends and family's support
I thought I was pretty independent but at times I find myself not so grown up. I don't know if I will ever feel fully mature. I am still forming my own opinions about myself and my choices, which may - and frequently do - clash with my peers' and parents' ideas. But I do know what kind of an adult I want to become, and want to be true to myself and not conform to what they think is right; even if I understand where they are coming from. Whether it be fashion or lifestyle choices. Stand up for yourself, but don't make enemies of your friends and family, either. To be independent does not mean to be lonely.

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