Welcome back to France

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The hot summer weather that has greeted us on our first days of France has cooled down somewhat already. The green fields of young vines, and, on the other side, the golden faces stretching to absorb the sunshine as much as us under the cloudless blue skies, have been our constant roadside companions to and from A's grandparents'. While flathunting and gathering new names and numbers of connaissances, my week in the French countryside has been beautiful, dreamlike, and a wonderful re-initiation into my year living the French life. 

During the weekend we have swam in the pristine clear pool in the backyard, practising our diving techniques off the diving board from the deep end; witnessed a beautiful flock of storks - without their bundles of babies, they must have been returning from work - swooping by, showing off their finesse by perching on nearby treetops to their starstruck audiences with gaping mouths; went on walks in the forests, gathering handfuls of ripe blackberries. 
How I have missed the French mealtimes! The animated discussions of this and that, the passing of plates, the regional wines, and the wonderfully varied and flavourful cheeses and dessert to finish. 
There are still many missed faces to meet up with, to kiss and to hug hello again. I need the hugs. I cannot wait! 

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