Living out of the suitcase

Monday, August 04, 2014

I'm SDF (sans domicile fixe, without permenant residence), again. Living out of the suitcase is the norm for me and my immediate and extended family have long accepted that I shall lead a nomad life. Gran said that it's because I was born on the year of the snake and also the month/day/hour (I can't remember which) of the snake, too, so it was predestined. Well, there you go. 

I'd rather share an apartment than live alone, since it's always more fun that way, especially when in a new city. Looking for a new place to live has not been much of a problem for me in the past, so I hope it will be just as easy in Bordeaux, France. Even if some French friends have warned me that it is hard to make friends in Bordeaux, because they are quite clique-y. Stop scaring me, guys. 

Hey, I'm an easy person to live with. I have many house sharing experiences under my belt, from a university residence to apartments and houses with strangers who became friends, friends who became better friends, and even a 84 year-old granny. 

I'm tidy by nature, and you will never find my room in a mess. If you do, please call my Mum, because I must be dying. I am always, always, up for sharing foods, coffees and chats. I have no special dietary needs, though salads and sweet pastries are my go-tos. I like baking banana cakes, almond cakes and focaccia bread. 

In music, films and sports, I have a wide and varied tastes, so the chances are that we will find something in common, there, too. 

This week I am crashing at a tall skinny person's apartment not too far off Bordeaux central. Seriously, I can't reach the floor while on the toilet. Feels like I am being potty trained, haha. 

Let me know if you are in need of a new flatmate or know of anyone looking. I think I make quite a good candidate ;)

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