Macarons de St Emilion

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Another of the Best, also from St Emilion. The Real macarons, way different from the sugary pastel sandwiched Parisian delicacies, are flatter, perhaps a little bigger, and heavily consists of almond meal. That is what I assume anyway, since the authentic recipe - the one and only - is a huge secret, handed down from person to person, one at a time. The first recipe came from a dream to a Ursuline sister in a convent near the current shop, in 1620. I adore Parisian macarons, but I really took to these too, though with only one flavour it can get a bit monotone. Half the fun in the Parisian namesake is trying to decipher the flavours and critiquing how well they turned out, after all.

The macarons come stuck on white paper, written the true macarons.
The only shop you will find these authentic treats. Available for online orders now as well from their site

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