Travel Tip: How to take the tram in Bordeaux

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Just like in Melbourne, tram is the norm transport here. There are only three lines, which makes it a whole lot easier to get your head around, luckily for me! (There is a fourth one coming soon, I hear.) Also, the trams are way newer, making it a whole lot more enjoyable to travel on. At major stations there are machines to buy your ticket - single trip, day pass, night pass, 10 concession, week pass. Turn the knob to choose your ticket option, press to select, and follow the prompts to pay. The tram stops have panels indicating the final destination of trams and the estimated time of arrival of the next ones to your stop. Push the door button to get on the tram, and validate your ticket into the machine, arrows facing up. Many locals don't usually bother, but once in a while there are check rounds and you will be fined if caught. Push the button at door to descend from the tram, at your stop of destination. Easy peasey, right?

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