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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

One of my first jobs while still at school was at an Internet cafe in town. Right next to the tourist office at the heart of Christchurch, just across the now destroyed Cathedral Church, I used to spend my holidays monitoring the PCs, helping elderly couples navigate around their email inboxes, transferring their holiday photos onto USB sticks and CDs. 

There aren't many Internet cafés around anymore. 

There is no need, when pretty much everyone has a portable screen, be it a cellphone, a tablet or a laptop. However, one does often need a power point to charge their devices, and preferably a stable table to work from. 

Craft cafe is a co working space. 

You could say it's the modern Internet cafe, minus the PCs provided for you, because they are not necessary. 

Craft cafe is in one of the hippest streets I've ever walked down in Paris. New modern and minimalist bakeries and cafés and restaurants line up this diagonally run street in the north east part of town. Craft cafe isn't the only co sharing workspace on offer, either. I spotted one just across the place. 

The cute British barista manned the counter between the rows of screen staring workers and the chattier cafe customers near the window front. Two filter coffee choices of the day, and various sweet and savoury selections were on show in front of him. 

For every hour you stay, it's 3 euros, payable with food and drinks, as you leave. I order a filter coffee, no sugars, and a berry tartlet. In exchange I get a receipt with the wifi code, those magic combinations that let you access the World Wide Web of information.

Craft cafe is clean, brightly lit, pretty quiet. I wish there were cafés like this in Bordeaux.

24 rue des Vinaigriers
75010 Paris

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