Lady Paris, I missed you

Monday, September 08, 2014

Ah, Paris. How I had missed you! How I had missed the friendships formed within your grand grey embrace. Though, I must say, I had quite forgotten how overpowering your lingering parfum of piss could be. Old and new, wafting through the streets and, oh, the metro. Packed into its rattling carriages full of sweaty fellow travellers in this hot muggy weather was something I had refused to remember. 

Three years is a long time, Lady Paris. And three days is not enough time to relive the crazy memories all these years ago. 

The angel who had saved my lost self during my first week of the exchange year, had saved my life again. She had led me safely back home after a late night out exploring the as yet foreign city, then. Remember? Vélib-ing through the freezing cold night air! for the first and last time that year. She welcomed me into her abode on the other side of the snail maze, this time, with the sparkling Eiffel Tower straight out the window and Sacre Coeur to the right. But she was not alone. A bump, a unmistakable bump, has been slowly growing inside her for the past five months. Quelle surprise !

Three years really is a long time, Lady Paris. Friends become partners and then not even friends anymore; friends find jobs and change jobs and then quit those jobs, too. Three years ago I made friends at a house party and we are only just asking each other how we got to be there. How funny. Three years later we drink and dance, just like on our first night out, but we are not strangers anymore. 

Lady Paris, I had grown within you but I have grown even more after I had left. But it's good to see that even within the familiar folds of your city there are also many changes. Many a places I would like to visit and explore, if I had had more time. Three days really isn't enough. So I'll be back soon, but until then, bisous, et à bientôt !

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