Lunch place: Le Clos Mirande

Monday, September 22, 2014

The three troopers set out to the touristy town of St Emilion, leaving poor grand-pere behind us. St Emilion is a cute cobbled stoned city famous for its wine productions and distinct Middle Ages features. Grandma S left us to do some shopping alone, then we met up for lunch. Unfortunately the restaurant she had wanted to take us was closed for the whole summer - it must do super well during the year to be closed for the whole season! - so we headed for choice no. 2. 

Out of town.

St Emilion bustles with tourists, but it does not take long for the silence to envelop us, with only the grape vines to keep us company. We didn't go far, either, but the place was almost deserted. Or so we thought. Through the empty restaurant we went, to the lush green backyard. Where all the other diners were already enjoying their breezy late afternoon lunch. Still, it was much quieter in comparison to the commercial atmosphere of St Emilion town squares. Almost like a Secret Garden.
The smily lady with wavy grey chignon bun greeted us warmly, and took great care of Grandma S, making sure she did not trip down the steps, and proving us ladies with a throw each, just in case the wind changed courses. 

From our little dining area under the shades of a leafy tree, we had a panorama of rows and rows of young vines, neatly lined up. We were served house wine, a young  number by regional comparison, who hasn't fully developed its aroma yet. Frothed cucumber soup, meat nearly bleeding almost raw, followed by an assortment plate of mini desserts. 

How do you eat your dessert? From most to least favourite, or the other way around? 

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