Travel Tip: Top Five Travel Pet Hates

Saturday, September 13, 2014

..A random list of things that annoy me when travelling.
  • Forward passenger leans far back during a long haul flight... 
This happens pretty frequently for me, which gets really uncomfortable when trying to watch movies - the screens at the back of the seats don't swivel enough. At these moments when the seat swings back, I give a mental sigh of exasperation and wish I'd been upgraded a class. Which doesn't happen frequently enough.
  • Children 
I love children, I really do, but the cuties can turn not-so-cuties when they start crying all throughout the long flight. What I hate though, is seeing mothers do all the work, carrying the babies around, feeding them, putting them - or not - to sleep, while the dad does not budge a finger to help, but looks slightly annoyed that his daughter was interrupting his inflight movie sessions. Take the kid for a walk around the aisles, dad, calm her down. For all of us, please.
  • Snoring
Snoring doesn't bother me most of the time (my current flatmate is a occasional, but big time, snorer, for example), but I guess when you are squashed into a sitting position for hours, your cranky level goes up.
  • Low battery and no power points in sight
Especially my phone, which has the shortest battery lifespan ever, and it's not just because I use it a lot. Maybe I don't charge it probably? I've tried buying a spare battery, and am looking at portable charger option instead. I've heard pretty good things about this small external battery pack?
  • Having too much luggage
Why can't I just be done with a handbag? I hate my bulky laptop sometimes. 

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