Bordeaux Best: Top three kebabs in Bordeaux

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In central Bordeaux, three kebab places in close proximity to each other fight for the title of the best kebab shop in town. The three places were recommended to me by current and past residents, only these three names were ever mentioned.

Kebabs are cheap (and unhealthy) options for lunch or after those late, late nights out. Cheap, as in 5 euros for an exploding stomach after effect. Each of the kebabs were eaten during daytime. Sauce blanche every time. You have the choice of with or without chips in your kebab, among others. Takeaways are 50 centimes cheaper. All three places had their ups and down sides for me, but here are my observations:

  • Cappadoce
I waited the whole summer for them to reopen after the holidays. Then a Monday longer, because, like many places, Mondays are also their days off. Finally, le jour J. It looks tiny from the outside but the dining area is further inside. I take away each time, though. It's cheaper, and I prefer to eat out in the sun. The first time, I fell in love because: it was my first kebab in ages, the dolames were so good, the sauce didn't over - or under - flow, an best of all, I actually finished it all. The only downside is that the kebab comes in a wrap, not proper bread. Other than that though, the place looks authentic and traditional enough.

  • Le Coluche
It has a two spots one next to another. One has more room to sit down and dine in; the other is for takeaways. Both rooms are clean, and more modern looking than the rest. The kebab comes in real bread. Neatly, skilfully, half wrapped, so it's ready to be eaten straight away. The meat was way too salty though. The sauce ran. I just wanted to finish the bread. 

  • Mangez-moi
The least appealing of the three, I passed the first time I got to the place. Whereas the first two places have men and ladies working and serving, here there are only guys. Who wink at you as you go past their window. In the end I decided to give them a go anyway. Their bread is special because it's actually a naan, handmade on the spot, but with another twist: it has cheese in it. Many Bordeaux residents will tell you this makes the kebab taste so nice. Frankly I found the place the most unclean of the three, and I didn't end up finishing it either. 

For me, Cappadoce wins, but eat your kebabs with care. Personally, I've had enough for the next few months. 

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