September took Summer away

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Summer seems definitely over these days. The air has turned chilly, and the leaves have started turning brown.

Last week I went back to the countryside house I started my French year off in. The swim in pool was definitely a much more hesitant activity than a few months ago.

It has been two months since I have arrived. Time goes by scarily fast. How am I progressing? 

Well, I am cooking more. Still very basic affairs, but thankfully my housemate applauds me as a champion chef whenever I cook for two. Compliments do wonders to my self esteem. I still buy my work lunches, but small dinners I can do. Once I even hosted a impromptu house dinner gathering! Should do more of those, I reckon.

October is here, and along with the change of seasons, I feel it's time to set up some goals for the month. 
  • Squats and stretches in the morning
  • French language book, one chapter a day
  • Run/swim after work at least twice a week - starting off slow, it's been a while 
  • More tea, less sweets, weekly baths allowed
  • Sleep on time!

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