Smart Living Tip: Getting rid of mosquitoes in Bordeaux

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Insects I hate include:

  • Ants in Paris
  • Flies in Melbourne
  • Mosquitoes in Bordeaux
  • Bed bugs in Auckland
I thought the huge sticking flies in Melbourne were bad enough. At least they don't make lasting impressions on you. Literally. 
I've never done well with mosquito bites. Each of those tiny blood suckers leave huge marks on my skin, swelling and hardening them. Never have I encountered them like in Bordeaux this summer. Maybe because I've never lived so close to rivers as huge before?

In Bordeaux, as well as being geographically close to the waters, many of its old buildings seem to have drafty underground 'caves' for storing the (mostly) regional wines. These damp reservoirs of flavourful specialties are, unfortunately, ideal breeding grounds of those hateful tiny buzzing, sucking insects. 

Every morning a handful of dead mosquitoes lay on the desk waiting to welcome me. Every night they would keep me up, playfully teasing me around my ears - driving me mad.
  • We've called people in, to chemically bomb the place. We've literally sealed the cave door, to keep the toxic air and the teeny beasts from sneaking in. For a while, it seemed they were gone for ever. Until they returned again, one by one. 
  • We've tried anti-mosquito sprays, both for the room and for direct use on the skin. Frankly, none seem powerful enough. We must have super mosquitoes, those who have defied the odds and have built strong immunity over time. 
  • We've tried the overnight chargers, the ones you plug into the wall while you are sleeping. For me, these have worked the best, whether it be the liquid or the tablet like version. 

  • As a back up, we've also started using lavender room sprays and lemongrass incense sticks, because mosquitoes do not like strong smells. Plus they keep the house smelling nice, which is a bonus. I would love to have the actual plants themselves, but I have been unable to find them in town, so far. 
Luckily, summer is over. In fact, it has turned positively chilly overnight! I've had my last jump in the pools last weekend. Time to get the woollen jumpers out. So long, suntans, and so long, mozzies. Until next summer. 

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