Thank Goodness it's Friday

Saturday, November 01, 2014

It's been one very tiring week this week. Lots of seemingly big and small things had happened.

Today is Friday, 31 Oct. Halloween. If it had been Friday, 1 Nov, it would have been public holiday here but... Anyway, inspired by Wednesday Addams, I dressed up in this quick easy getup. It's the first time my hair had been long enough to be in proper braids/plaits. But I think I ended up looking more like a tired schoolgirl than anything. The yellow babouches are a recent bargain purchase - 3 euros! - to brighten up the general gloomy wintery mood about the house.
I am now also a proud owner of a very tired looking - tired being the theme of the week - pink mountain bike. The seat banged down as low as it will possibly go, cause otherwise there will be way more road casualties than you can imagine. Cars, pedestrians, please make way! I hope I will make good use of this dear thing while I can. I hope to bring some life into her - and myself - soon. 

Have a good weekend, dear readers. Here's to a better, more energetic times!

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