Coffee place: Verde Nero

Monday, November 24, 2014

This is my new favourite café in Bordeaux. I am in love with their special espresso.

In whichever city I live in, I like to have that one place I frequent more than the others, while still constantly discovering new food places. In Paris, I used to love taking all of my friends to Café Watt, whose nutella espresso was such a delight, every time. During my last visit to Paris I returned there with another friend. It was weird to be back. Especially since nothing had changed! 

This weekend I think I have found my Bordeaux place. It's here, Verde Nero. Verde Nero is a tea place, a coffee place, a sweet cakes and tarts place... It's everything, but without being too much. It's more spacious than you would think from the street, you keep going in and finding seats and couches and tables. There are so many different drinks on offer on the menu. 

So far, it's not that different from another Bordeaux tea and coffee place I like very much, in the St Pierre area. 

But Verde Nero stands out further in that they offer classes so you can learn a bit more about what you are drinking, or what they are serving. There aren't many cafés in Bordeaux at all, yet, where you can order special pour overs or latte arts. Then, near the tables there are many power points, so it is an ideal place to bring your laptop without worrying about its battery power. Plus, it's open seven days a week.

Most of all, Verde Nero has Nougatine espresso. As soon as I saw it, I knew I must try it. Nougatine espresso is very sweet, and comes accompanied by - what else? - a small piece of nougat, which I love. I ended staying at my table long after my coffee was finished, and had two pieces of homemade pear chocolate tarts home to share with my housemate.

Definitely will be coming back soon.

24 rue des Ayres
33000 Bordeaux

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