Roman Holiday

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Three years ago I threw a coin over my shoulder in a tourist crowded fountain, the fountain where the horses are madly fighting to shoot out of, that famous fountain featured in so many movies, classic and contemporary. 

They say, throw a coin into Trevi fountain over you shoulder, and you will be guaranteed to come back. Well, intended or not, thanks to my little coin at the bottom of the Trevi fountain or no, tomorrow I am making my way back to the city of Rome.
The last time I was in Rome, it was stifling hot. It was 2011, it was August, and my parents had come to visit me in Europe. We spent five wonderful days in Rome, eating gelati every day, exploring the Ancient Roman ruins around the city, touring around the Vatican. It was our first real family trip in a very long time, and I loved it. If I hadn't been so immersed in the French culture already, I would have dived into the Italian one, then.

This time it will be cold, and unfortunately, rain is forecast for the five day return trip there. I will also spend a bulk of the time working in front of my laptop. Oh well. D is coming from Budapest, S from Munich, A from London, and me from Bordeaux. We are guaranteed to have the best time together, reunited, anywhere, but we are glad it's Rome. 

Io mangio formaggio. Bevo vino. See, I've started preparing for the language barrier a little. Arrivederci, friends. Arrivederci, Rome!

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