Turkey Day 1: Turkish Airlines

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Calling, Madame Portman, Natalie. Huh? Unfortunately, we didn't get to spot the famous actress on the flight, if it really was her. 

I was invited to spend Christmas with my French family. I didn't even realise the airline allowed checkin baggages, so I juiced out my brains trying to get everyone gifts witin the airline restrictions. Not too heavy, no liquids, no food... It was hard. E had to skip his afternoon classes to catch our flight. I skipped my afternoon work hours. But no matter, I woke up earlier to do as much as possible, and told myself that I would work later on in the evening. I don't skimp on work. The plane was small, and half the passengers were Turks. The announcements were made in Turk, English and French. I passed out for the good first part of the flight - as is normal with me. I had been up early that morning that it was so good to have a snooze catch up. I woke up to the smell of food. In the short three and a half hour flight, they somehow managed to serve us a meal. Often, I am wary of flight foods. From experience, they are drab, unappetizing, even if they make the menu to sound somewhat tempting. This flight did not have a menu (that I had found), and all they asked was, 'Would you prefer beef or chicken?' No descriptions of the meals provided. I chose beef purely based on the fact that I had already had chicken two nights in a row at home. Also dry chicken is something I dread. The portions were smaller than on an average flight, as the plane was smaller than an average one, I guess. One casual steward served everyone - in Turk, in English, sharing jokes with the passengers. Tentatively I peeled open the wrapping and made a small first mouthful. Wow. Not sure if it was the good deep sleep waking up the palette, but I have almost never enjoyed a flight food like this before.  It was stuffed eggplant with beef in red, barely spicy, sauce, with glutinous rice. I've had plenty of bad rice before, but this was tasty. It's a rare occasion when I actually finish the whole main dish on a plane. Well done Turkish Airlines! I didn't eat the side salad, so I couldn't rate everything, but as A would say, bonus points for the small towelette that came with the meal as well. The rest of the flight was spent trying to digest everything and to hydrate myself as much as possible. 

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