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Thursday, January 22, 2015

I feel lost when searching for good French TV series to help me improve my French listening.

I tried listening to radio stations, but they usually play familiar songs in English most of the time, or debate about the politics and cultures that can be difficult to follow without the visual aid.

Films and documentaries are all good, but at times you just don't want have two-three hours to sit down and concentrate, you know?

So, TV series. For those wanting to improve their English, TV series are great. There are so many to choose from. Mostly American, but still. Many have told me TV series helped them the most when it came to improving their English language skills. Plus, they are short, so you could catch a quick episode just before going to bed, or whatever.

Unfortunately, there aren't as many to select from when it comes to French TV series. I find that they show many American series that have been dubbed, here on French TV. Like Friends. How I Met Your Mother. American Dad.

The French TV shows I watch (when I do watch TV):

  • Friends, dubbed
  • Un gars, une fille - my housemate looks like Jean Dujardin
  • Touche pas à mon poste ! - it's a talk show, with a bit of humour, and culture. It's the only thing on on evenings during dinnertime
  • Various other talk shows and news channels
On my iPad, I sometimes watch:
  • Elementary, dubbed
  • Enquête exclusive / Zone interdite - similar to 60 minutes, these are reportages on various issues
I was on the lookout for something similar to Un gars, une fille, when my friend T's younger sister introduced me to Foudre. It's a teenage drama series, 23 minutes each, following an 18 year old boy as he falls in love with a mysterious New Caledonian girl.. It's short, it's silly, and doesn't require much thinking. It's perfect. 

When looking for TV series to improve your French, why not try asking a younger friend? They are likely to watch more TV. C, at 14, certainly does. Merci, C, pour ta suggestion !

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