Turkey Day 3: Night bus from Istanbul to Bergama

Monday, January 05, 2015

After the hamam experience, we just had time for a quick dinner before hopping on a night bus out of the huge Istanbul. We went to a huge local canteen restaurant and feasted on pilaf rice, lentil soups, and meat and vege dishes. I fell in love with the yellow lentil soup. I want it every day. 

The bus company we chose was called Metro. There are many other bus companies in Turkey and from reading on forums ...seems to be a popular one as well, but A had already had experience with Metro so this was the company we chose to go with. Bus timing at the bus station was weird because the parking lot was empty until the departure time, then all the buses arrived the next minute, seemingly all to leave on the same schedule, straight away. The bus arrived, the passengers climbed on, the bus left. No lingering about. Trying to locate our correct bus in midst of the sudden craze of movements was an experience. 
Once safely on, The night bus was luxurious. Each passenger had a private small screen to watch movies (in Turkish language), and even access to the Internet, but it never seemed to work. If only they had the music channels as well. L and A decided to watch a movie anyway, but I gave up and ended up reading a book on my tablet instead. Part of the bus ride is a snack service, consisting of drinks, hot and cold, and a selection of biscuits and chocolates. Yummy. Near the start of the trip a fight almost broke out between two young Turk men, just behind me, which thankfully got quickly resolved outside before taking off again. The ride was long and the sleep was fitful but the sunrise the next morning was beautiful. Even if Turkish countryside was much ridden with trash, the almost hazy pink and blue and purple pastel backdrop was still charming.


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