Turkey Day 8: Tips for travelling in Turkey

Saturday, January 17, 2015

  • Slip on shoes. Easy to put on and take off, it is best to avoid chunky heels or boots when travelling in Turkey. As well as speeding up the time spent in airport security lines, Turks normally leave their shoes by the door before entering their homes in socks. This goes for the pensions.
  • Prayer calls five times a day. Do not be surprised to be woken up in the early hours of the morning by the chants rising and ringing through of your Turkish city. After awhile, you will get used to them. Some mosques use pre recorded chanting prayer calls. Others will be live.
  • Have a few spare coins handy. In case you need to use the toilets, where you are likely to be charged entrance fees of 1 Lira. Be aware that squat toilets are the norm here, especially in smaller villages. I do not like squatting, but when there are no other options available, what can you do. Better carry a hand sanitiser, too, just in case.
  • Turks love teas. There are tea houses everywhere. Enjoy them!

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