Monthly rituals

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Look! Colours! Scarlet and crimson tulips, with yellow balls of craspedia. Did you know Craspedia are native to NZ and Australia?

At the start - or end - of every month, depending on how on task I am at the time, I do the following things:

  • Change bed sheets
    I actually change my bed sheets every fortnight, and my pillows every other days, but I like to start each month feeling afresh

  • Change bath mats 
    Should I do this every fortnight, as well? The thing with mats, is that I don't know what to wash them with. I don't want to put them in the same cycle as my clothes, you know? Normally I chuck in my floor rug to keep it company, also so I don't feel like I'm wasting too much water

  • Wipe bathroom counter and mirror
    Just bathroom in general. And toilet. I find living with a guy housemate, who isn't super messy but not super tidy either, there's no point in looking for perfection. Nothing will sparkle here, before they get covered with old clothes and new unfolded clothes and dirty glasses and... Just live with it

  • Clean make up brushes
    While I'm at it, after the bathroom is clean, I clean my make up brushes as well. The hard calcified French tap water and second hand smoking off housemate plus all the other French people is not doing much for my face, but this is at least something I can do

  • Fresh flowers
    Why not? It's a little luxurious, yes, to be sure. But a bouquet of fresh flowers really does make a difference in the living room. Each month, I go to the same florist, and make him write down the name of the flowers so I don't forget. I put it in a vase on my housemate's workstation, near the entrance, where everyone can enjoy it easily. Makes me smile, every time

  • Book concerts
    Bordeaux has this awesome scheme for young people where, for 10 euros a month, they get unlimited access to classical concerts. I think it's a brilliant idea to lure more youth into our cultural spaces, and wish more cities followed Bordeaux's example. I try to make it a weekly thing. Sometimes I go alone, sometimes I invite friends. Anyone want to join me?

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