Beach walk, soft tacos, cocktails

Friday, March 20, 2015

Cocktails night! Sharing stuzzichini and funny named drinks - Monkey business, a Little bird told me, etc. - lounging in a cosy couch with girlfriends.

Cocktails night! A long beach walk and Mexican soft shelled tacos and sharing sweet alcoholic mojitos, face to face at a table for two with a girl friend.


19 166 km apart.


I hate it when you go on dates with others (her) and don't hear from you for ages. Then you tell me all about it. Sigh.

J cried all last night about the injustice he faced from his night out and kept me awake along with him. My roommate M the mosquito kept me company all night long, too, of course.

I had bad dreams where I went back to my beautiful country Aotearoa but there was nothing good to eat except for giant sausage rolls. Then Dad came home with six piercings to his ears. Worried he may be going through a mid life crisis I called him, to find that he is just sick and too tired to talk. Guess he hasn't been getting much sleep, either.

The toilet has been out of order for hours and I've been drinking tea all morning. Trying to hold it in and hoping that it will become free soon.

- While you were sleeping

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