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Saturday, March 28, 2015

  • Que sera, sera
    - let it all go. Don't fight something you can't change. Things happen for a reason. Maybe it is supposed to be shit. Leave it, whatever it is, if you hate it so much. On the other hand, maybe it will become better soon. But there is only so many times you can let it slide..
  • Smile
    - fake it until it becomes genuine.
  • Treat yourself
    - for today's meatless Friday, I treated myself to some Korean bibimbap. I was never really into bibimbap, until I met A. It's one of his favourite Korean dishes, and that makes me smile. Whenever I eat bibimbap I think of him.
  • Treat yourself 2
    - why is spending so much fun? I made an impulsive buy today. While passing by a shop window, these white soft leather shoes caught my eyes so I went in, tried one shoe, paused, then handed over my card. So bad. Except, you know, when it comes to shoes and they actually fit my tiny feet, I need to take the chance. It may not come by again soon. Also, it wasn't really on an impulse because I'd been looking out for white brogues for a while. Plus, everything is going to be so much more expensive when I move over to London... soon.
  • Treat yourself 3
    - take a bath. Bubbles and candle lights. Or if you don't have enough time - it is Friday night, after all - have a quick date with Frank. It's my weekly treat. He makes my body so smooth ;)

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- Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist -

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