Let there be light. The light shines on me again

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Monday morning, I woke up to fumble for the light switch, half awake. Click. A brief lightning, then back to darkness. Oh, oh. My light bulb had gone out. 

On Monday, I spent the day in the dark. It was inconvenient, not being able to see. Navigating my way around the bedroom in the dark like a blind, because I couldn't be bothered to go out and buy a new bulb. Partly because I also wanted to see what it would be like with no lights on. Funny how the familiar room suddenly becomes so different in the lack of light. You don't realise how important sight is until it's suddenly taken from you. I spent the evening in candle lights, instead.

On Tuesday, I went to buy a new light bulb, finally. Insert, twist, click. "Let there be light," then there was light. Ah, so much better. I could see clearly again.

While in the dark, I was also able to come to terms with myself.
It seems I have been so caught up with myself and my feelings, that I had failed to see the needs of others around me. Relationships are hard, aren't they? Especially when we are so far apart. You think of them, but they won't know that unless you let them know! I'd been more worried about 'the future us' that I had somewhat neglected the us now. I had been in the dark, ignoring the present.

Thankfully, they are not shy enough to snap me back to reality when I'm fading away. Time to face the music, the light. Let's keep the light shining, people. 

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