Nantes: Weekend trip

Thursday, March 19, 2015

L and I finally found a weekend where both of us were free, and headed to Nantes, France. It's a 3.5 hour ride from Bordeaux. L had always wanted to visit the city, so I said, why not.

My only condition was that we needed to walk heaps, since we would be missing out on our usual Saturday run session. Luckily, there was a well marked circuit we could follow to get a broad overview of the city. Literally. The circuit is marked as light green on the tourist map, and there is actually a green line on the roads that you can just follow. Super easy.
The weather was.. warm at first. At least it didn't rain. We were so happy to see new flowers blooming again. First definite signs of Spring!
My favourite part of the city of Nantes was the Public Gardens, just across the road from the train station. It's got birds, obese goats, art works, and colourful flowers. I am so glad it's getting warmer and sunnier finally in France. I've been in preparation mode for the Summer months, and I don't really want to leave France until it's time to get back home to my loved ones...

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