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Friday, March 13, 2015

This month until Easter, I am giving up coffee. Gasp. It's a personal Lent thing, where I give up one thing as a small challenge. Think of it as a sort of a cleanse session.

Along with coffee fasting, the usual no meat Fridays are still tagging along. A is doing no Nutella and pasta only Fridays, just to keep me company. Hmm. I should ask how he is faring along. Before coming to France, I have been a semi vegetarian. I eat little and didn't miss meat very much. A few years ago, I even got iron deficiency unintentionally. But France is not a very vegetarian friendly place. There are meat everywhere you turn. I love duck meat and jambon. On Fridays I try not to eat out, because I normally end up eating only leaves and wine... Dangerous, dangerous.

Even harder than no meat on Fridays, though: No coffee for forty days straight. It's torture. Seriously. I crave it every day so, so, much. I love coffee, the coffee aroma, the coffee shops. I find myself physically and mentally so much more thirsty these days. I'm actually drinking water, something I had had to force myself before. I was watching baristas make flat whites on YouTube the other day. I am desperate! What have I got myself into?
Since no coffee is allowed, I am drinking a whole lot more of tea and water and milk and gazpacho. A sent over some Milo in the cutest care package earlier this week as well (thank you, darling), to console my physically and mentally down state. Thank goodness for these distractions. Easter, come over, already!

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