London on a weekend: Broadway Market and V&A Museum

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Standing on the overground platform, arms crossed, I feel a vibration. Phone? No. Stomach. I am grumbling starving. Train, hurry up.

To the market we go. The weather is not great; grey and occasionally spitting onto my glasses. Only people with four eyes would understand. I'm always. I try to follow a lone guy a few metres in front of me, hoping he is going the same way. Turns out he is just as clueless. A canal path filled with health conscious joggers and cyclers lead me the way, instead. Hunger leads me on.

Famished and finally here. It's a lively street filled with two rows of back to back stalls, artisan crafts mixed with savoury and sweet foods. My lunch and dessert: my very first Scotch egg, a coconut macaroon from a well respected bakery, and a flat white, my daily morning essential.
Second part of the day: a trip to the galleries. The London tube stations need more bins. Any bins. I am forced to carry my empty coffee cup around for two hours because I do not litter. I end up chasing after a cleaning staff to pop it in his bag. Why two hours? Because the transportation in London is very disruptive at times, quite often, and especially on weekends. I ride the trains literally from East to West trying to find my way. I end up hopping on a bus in the end. Should perhaps have been my first option, all along. This one is the only non-double decker I have seen in London, yet everyone seems to want to get on it with me. At least one consolation - so far, no rains. Thank goodness.

I've already wasted so much time that a decision needs to be made. Saatchi or V&A? I will need to visit both in time, of course, but there is only time for one for today. So, V&A, it is. Oh no. Both the current special exhibitions, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty and Shoes: Pleasure and Pain, are sold out! Boohoo. Oh, well. There are plenty of other, free, collections to see. So many of them. I love it.

Whenever I visit museums and galleries, I always pay a visit to their shops. I want everything in there. They are always overpriced. Most of the time, I never buy anything. Sad. So much walking and gazing and listening and touching and feeling inspired... makes me hungry again.
The V&A café is a big cafeteria, where you get to choose from the sweet and savoury selections, and a series of tea rooms, where you enjoy your foods in style. The English floral tray is sticky and the small tearoom is dimly lit. The English ancestors must have had bad eye sights, being in dark indoors with no proper lighting shining in from the outside. I would have lit as many candles about as possible if I had lived then. I like it bright, unless it's mood lighting. The cream and berry jam Victoria sponge cake and tea combo is perfect though. Elderflowers. Cream. Mmm.

(Photos all from my visit to V&A)

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