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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

One orange, half a lemon. The golden ratio for your daily morning juice. It's essential for breakfast at Villa Montabord, 3, Cité des Fleurs, Paris 75017.

Villa Montabord sits near the entrance of a private alleyway in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. A couple of necessary side notes: the alleyway is named, literally, 'City of Flowers', and, true to its name, is a lovely passageway to stroll through, admiring the beautiful houses, or rather mansions, and the glimpses of their gardens. Once they apparently had to follow strict rules to keep their front gardens looking immaculate and reasonably uniform, but it seems the rules did not altogether extend to dictating the styles of the houses much. 17th arrondissement is characterised by their elegance. Villa Montabord sits neatly in line with the standard. Bourgeois, ladylike, with her chic red pout. Ready to welcome chic travellers to rest their heads in her luxurious yet cosy rooms inside.
I was lucky enough to spend a weekend in one of Villa Montabord's four rooms - Chambre Charlotte. Plush red carpet lined the staircase up to my room. To the left, two double French doors let in light through its white curtains. On the other side a deep wine red wall resided over a double bed dressed in white. My first night in that bed was one of the best in a long time. The plush pillows were a dream! Swoon! My next favourite thing about Chambre Charlotte was the bathroom, just was warmly lit as the bedroom, and almost as spacious. I loved the huge mirror reflecting the light.
After a good night's rest, a hearty breakfast. As much as my small stomach would allow. Croissants, tartines with butter and jams, homemade yoghurts, coffee, tea, you name it. Plus the orange/lemon juice. Don't forget the juice.
A few itineraries for the weekend included catching an open air opera near Hôtel de Ville and strolling through Palais Royal, Jardin du Tuilleries, etc. From Villa Montabord, a bus stop just across the street and a Metro station only a block away means easy transport. Around the B&B there are also heaps of restaurants, bars, fruit and vege shops, and supermarkets, so you are spoilt for food choices if you ever need a rest from exploring the City of Lights.

Like that will ever happen.

Villa Montabord, I will be back soon, please.

Villa Montabord
3, Cité des Fleurs

Paris 75015
+33 6 14 88 74 06

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