Smart Living Tip: Keeping hydrated

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Working 8+ hours a day in front of a computer screen - sometimes two - it's really important that I:

  • keep blinking - your eyes just don't blink as much in front of a screen, we become like zombies, but apparently I don't even blink fully, ever. 
  • stare out into the horizon from time to time - give your eyes some rest!
  • get up once in a while - give your bums a chance to do a little dance, a little shake. And your legs. 
  • drink up! - your body needs to get hydrated, the office heater/air conditioner really dries you up.
So, I don't blink properly, I don't produce enough tears, I don't drink enough water. No wonder I keep getting headaches and dry, tired eyes. 

Drinking 8-10 glasses per day as recommended is really hard for me. I go to toilets 8-10 times now. I'm smaller than an average person, surely I don't have to drink as much? At least it's forcing me to get off from the computer screen!

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