Brunch place: Cafe Eighty Eight

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

A treated me to a lovely brunch for helping him move houses. I'm a happy girl. On the main stretch of Mt Maunganui, Cafe Eighty Eight is always crowded with people. We considered the place next door but they only do coffee and we were starving. We even bumped into mates A knew from out of town. No surprise in finding Tauranga a small place? Definitely not, when I have literally walked into people from Down Under while in Europe. 
A complained that the food was taking ages to come out. They did warn us of the 25 min wait but we had just carried a whole room's worth of stuff across to the new place the whole morning. We were getting a little hangry. Anger sprouting from hunger is an ugly thing.
A chose an Egg's Benedict, which in my book is always a good choice with Hollandaise sauce and a strip of bacon or two along with it. I went for kumara fish cake. I knew A hates fish but I love pretty much anything kumara. It also came with poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce, which was a win for me. Score.

88 Maunganui Road,
Tauranga, NZ 3116
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