Dinner place: Nuna

Monday, September 07, 2015

Nuna is a new Korean place on Upper Queen St. The previous restaurant had also been Korean. M and I wanted to try the place out for a while, curious to see if Nuna had anything special to offer. It was Friday night, the weather was wet and chilly like any other Auckland day. We decided to get two smallish dishes and a drink. 
The menu was a bit tricky. The photos helped a lot but there was a section where you could add extras that clearly could not be applied to all of the dishes. For example, we ordered spicy cheesy meat on a sizzling plate and M wanted to add glass noodles because she loves it. The server said we were the first one to choose such a combination. Oh well. Perhaps they could have put suggested optionals on the side of each dish?
Korean food comes with mains and complementary side dishes. The side dishes we were served was numerous in variety but minuscule in amount. It was rather ridiculous. I hardly touched the side dishes, though. We couldn't even finish the mains because they were so filling. The spicy cheese dish was so so spicy. I have been eating too many spicy things lately and my body hates me for it.
To cleanse the burning palate I ordered a Korean alcoholic drink that is not soju. It's more yellow in colour and maybe a bit sweeter but drier? M didn't like it though. She also didn't like the overcooked rice porridge thing that's on offer at Nuna. She said there's a Korean restaurant on High Street that does it way better. 

In the end, Nuna didn't leave any special impressions on me. I doubt I will be in a hurry to return any time soon.

[Edit: Nuna has actually been open for almost a year. Obviously I've been away from Auckland for too long. Thanks Victoria, fellow Zomato foodie, for the heads up!]

478 Queen Street
Nuna Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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