Baking: Homemade gourmet muesli

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A big part of my plan to trying to live smarter is by saving on the foods department. Making an effort to bring packed lunches to work is getting easier and easier. I find that the way to go is to bulk cook over the weekend. Usually two recipes are enough. Since each recipe is around four to six servings, I can portion the left overs and freeze them. That way I mix things up with whatever else is already frozen, so there is no need to be having the same things day after day, all week long.

I decided to try this approach for breakfast as well. Baked gourmet muesli recipe number one: 
To be honest, this recipe did not turn out to be cheap, but you can probably already see that by the ingredients I put into it. Dates, nuts, goji berries.. I was really putting everything in here. 
First goes in your dry ingredients. Oats, nuts, seeds. The nuts could be chopped to smaller pieces, but I didn't bother. 
In a pot, melt some honey, oil, and vanilla essence. Pour it over the dry mixture, and mix it well. Now you are going to bake the whole thing on a tray for about twenty minutes until golden. 
Once out of the heat, add in your dried fruit and lemon and/or orange zest, mix well, and leave it to cool. 

I make enough batch to last me a week, then make another the next weekend. Because I've put in so many things, it was costing me a lot. No need to go overboard! The main thing is that you have your dry base - oats, the liquids - honey and oil, then the sweet additions - berries. 

Next time I will try making clusters and adding dried cranberries and coconut shavings, nothing else. Something more simple yet still tasty.

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  1. Well done on trying this and good luck with your future schedules. You could save some $$ by buying your ingredients at bulk food stores.

    I've been bringing my lunch to work to save money, but I really miss going out for lunch. I think it's been about a month since I went out for lunch.

    This post would make a great addition to Our Growing Edge this month, a monthly link up for new food adventures, especially posts using new eating regimes. More info here:

    1. Hi, Genie! Oh, I should really starting doing the Our Growing Edge challenges again. I still feel like I'm eating out for lunch way too much. A month without going out for lunch seems crazy - good on you!


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