Dessert place: Petal Cupcakes

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The first time I heard of Petal, was through M, my foodie accomplice. I think it must have been a raspberry one. The pale pink rose shaped icing was almost too pretty to bit into. And so sweet! Normally I'm not a cupcakes person. I don't really like too much icing, either. But Petal cupcakes are moist, springy, perfectly sized.
I never realised, but the only Petal shop is in my neighbourhood. I have even been passing it numerous times without realising it. It's a small shop, where the wind likes to play with its very sensitive door. Every whiff gets an inviting slide open. Which Petal cupcake do the winds prefer, I wonder? There used to be two Petal shops, but the other one in Ponsonby has closed down. The Newmarket Petal Cupcakes shop is the only one open now, displaying its most popular flavours. Raspberry is one. Passionfruit, pictured above, is another. There are other pretty flavour coloured icings on offer - lavender, vanilla, honey. While there is but one shop, more than 80 000 Petal cupcakes are enjoyed by numerous distributing shops and restaurants around the country. 
You can sign up to their rewards programme to receive a free cupcake. Every cupcake gains points, and you get special offers on your birthdays among others - via email or app. I find the cupcakes a little on the expensive side, so I might sign up soon. Love how pretty they are!

Petal Cupcakes
8 Teed Street
Petal Cupcakes Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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