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Monday, October 26, 2015

When your flatmate eats the same thing from the same place at least once a week, you know you have to try it too. Especially when she says it's a burger but it looks more like a lettuce wrap, especially when it's one of the handful of times you actually see her eat. 

When I first came back to Auckland, I kept getting confused by Better Burger and Burger Burger, but having tried both places, this no longer happens. Burger Burger has a lot more burgers on offer. It's more of a restaurant than a burger bar, more kids friendly and more health conscious. 

I'm pretty sure my flatmate's weekly go-to is their lamb bunnuce, which is organic braised lamb shoulder wrapped in lettuce as opposed to buns, and shoestring fries. Aioli, not tomato sauce, of course, like all the best fries places. 

On our first Burger Burger date, A and I got a vege and a pork bunnuce, each. We were supposed to go halves... but that never happened because I couldn't stop at the half mark on the pork bunnuce I had started on. I'm sorry, but it was just too good. The lettuce makes it a little hard to eat for a messy eater like me. It's not like the fillings don't drop out away from my mouth whenever I eat a burger. But here, the sauce would slide off the fresh green leaves like a minor rainfall and I had trouble holding onto the watery 'buns'. In the end I just ate it open burger style, in a more deconstructed salad kind of way. 

A would like to come back to try the pork bunnuce he never got the chance to. We are also eyeing up the truffle aioli on offer, and wondering if they can swap the potato skins with the shoestring fries, instead. As for me, I wouldn't mind finally trying out the lamb bunnuce my flatmate loves so much.

3b York Street
Newmarket, Auckland 1050
Burger Burger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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