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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ever since homemade lunches have become the norm, I've resorted to one takeaway coffee and/or lunch during the week. Normally Tuesdays. Preparing lunches in advance can be quite fun, especially when you do it with a friend, and it becomes a habit. Sometimes I even do lunch swaps with other friends, which is cool!

While I love trying out new cafes and restaurants, I do miss being a regular to a place, in a way. In Bordeaux, the last city I called home, it used to be Verde Nero, where the owner used to kiss and greet me by my first name. In Auckland, it used to be Mezze for a long while, but I feel I've outgrown it. After a long absence from the city, I sadly don't recognise the staff any more, and the friend who used to accompany me is no longer here, either. I'm heading back to Sydney next week for work but our office has moved a month ago, so I will have to find a new local hangout there as well. Where are your go-to local cafes? 

Last night I got my place prepared to host my sister for a few nights, only to find out that she couldn't make it. Last minute changes are no biggies, but I did feel a bit disappointed/annoyed. Sister bonding times are sadly too-rare occasions. 

I started reading a new book this week. I've been reading a book a month, as part of my 2015 goals, and loved it. As the end of the year nears I'm on the hunt for possible gift options and new resolution list items. Which books shall I read next year? Which languages? 

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