Closing thoughts to a week

Friday, April 08, 2016

Some weeks pass at a snail pace, other weeks in a whoosh. How was yours this week?

I've tried on Fitbit's Flex fitness tracker this week - fitness made stylish. More than the fitness side, though - I know there are heaps of room to improve in that department - I was more interested in my sleeping patterns. I dream waaaaaayyyyy too much. The two are connected of course, right? Better fitness, better sleep? To work on.

I'm pretty sure the floor below us has their kitchen right under our office toilets. I hear chatters and laughters all the time. Can they see our toilet pipes if they lift their heads up? Because I can see them through the cracks on other parts of the floor. Like, right under my seat. I wonder if they sometimes get snowing crumbs of my morning croissants and wonder what they are. I'm glad we work on the top floor - hope the floors are still strong enough not to crack through, though.

Following my last post-op check up on my new eyes, I'm happy to report that they are mighty fine. Initial concerns on one eye seeing better than the other have somewhat died down. Apparently the better eye is seeing just too damn well, two marks past the 20/20 line. Also, I've always had a more dominant left eye, and that's probably not going to change. Cold rainy days, bring it on, foggy rain splattered visions, no more!

Have a great weekend, readers.

Image from Unsplash/Sunsanne Feldt

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