Everyone needs a mother

Monday, August 01, 2016

Mother. Someone to hold you warm and close, tell you soothing things and calm you down, like a fuzzy blanket around your shoulders. The relationship between daughter and mother has definitely changed and shifted as I got older. She is no longer just a teacher, a caregiver, though I am still receiving, receiving, and not enough giving, yet.

And when your mother is gone, no longer there? To hold your hand, to caress your head, tell you everything will be alright? Because everyone needs a mother at times, even when you are grown up. Mum has been mothering my aunt these past few months, when no one else could. As someone who has experienced long periods in the hospital herself, she probably understood her older sister better than most people. When mum was unwell gran had prayed to all the gods in the world to save her daughter. I'm sure mum did the same for aunt in her place, until the very last moment.

May she rest in peace, free from her pains. I'm glad mum had been with aunt in her last days, as she had been unable to with her brother and mother, a few years ago. I'm just sad that A won't be able to meet my aunt, and hope that her grandchildren remember her forever.

I'm glad that mum is finally coming back home, after months away. We've all missed her, being mothered by her. Dad will be the happiest to have her back, but I'm a little disappointed she won't be stopping by to see us first. Mother. Can't wait to have her back!

Image via Unsplash/Ryan Al Bishri

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