Brunch place: Hello Friends + Allies

Friday, September 02, 2016

Such a popular place on a cold wet weekend morning – but then, anywhere dry and warm would be popular in such a weather. Packed with hungry people looking for warmth in their bellies, Hello Friends + Allies in Epsom is a café who also caters for occasional private events in its backroom. Its white walls with colourful faux plastic flora accents and hipster doodles make the place cool and spacious, but unfortunately has the most awful acoustics ever. There is nowhere for the crescending noise to escape and absorb, so they bounce around the diners and inevitably is a breeding ground for lasting headaches. Being so busy the foods take ages to arrive, and while they still look nice, there are evidences that they have been on the kitchen counters a while, waiting to be delivered to our table – dried salad leaves stuck on the plates, hardened cooled down eggs, etc. The offerings in the cabinets look delish but we will never find out – in a great hurry as we were to get outside, pushing through the crowds, taking in a big gulp of fresh and and silence as we finally got out that front door. Even if a lot colder, we preferred it to the noise trap inside. Next time we will go where we can actually hear each other while enjoying our meals at the same time, please.

Hello Friends + Allies
93 Great South Road, 
Epsom, Auckland
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