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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Finally finished watching the True Cost, a documentary on the impact of the fast fashion industry on the environment as well as its workforce in developing countries. A talker from Creative Mornings had highly recommended the film a few months back, and the topic of ethical living had been on my mind for some time. Learning that another friend in the fashion industry had also presented on the topic recently had only encouraged me further to think about my own shopping habits, even about how often my clothes get washed.

Despite not being a hoarder, I still find that I have more clothes than necessary. Most are in boring neutrals, with only a handful of colours. Clothes and shoes shopping is often a conscious activity, thinking about its price, quality, and especially its fit, since I am shorter and smaller than the average person.

For example, while looking for a new pair of shoes, I'm faced with choices. Do I really need a new pair or can I repair the ones that I already own? Which brands should I go for? Do they have my size, is it a brand to be trusted, does the price match its quality? To be honest, trying to find the exact style I am after is a mission in itself, delaying any purchases to be made.

Not a bad thing, really. As Vivienne Westwood said, 'Buy less. Choose well.'

As for how to care for the clothes you already have, that's where I need to think more about. Hand washing will never be an easy option, it's just too much effort. But if it means getting a longer wear out of them, I may just have to get used to it. 


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