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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Following the nutritionist's recommendation I went to the doctor's to get tested for iron deficiency, vitamin B12 levels, coeliac disease, etc., but they all came back normal. Drats. Was almost hoping that there’d be something wrong with me so we’d know exactly what to fix and how.

Then the doctor called back to say that, actually, one test came back with an unusual result. Apparently I have signs of an inflamed tract. She has sent it off to the specialist to take a look, so it might mean another test in a couple of weeks. Or months.

In the meantime, from the goals I’d set with the nutritionist, drinking more fluid is turning out to be the easiest. More greens coming in second place. Slower, more thoughtful eating habit is proving harder to stick. I will keep trying, but we also revised the plan to include hitting 10000 steps a day, to encourage me to walk or move more. So far, so good.

Aside from the three daily goals, I’ve also started adjusting my diet a little bit. The doctor suggested I look into FODMAP diets, so I listed all the items that I have been eating a lot of in the past few weeks, and identified the high FODMAP items. For the next month, I’m eliminating almonds, apples and chocolate (and sweets in general) from my diet. The idea is to introduce it back to my diet, one item at a time, after the month, to see which item I react negatively from. Not sure how long I will last, but it’s worth a try. 

I have never followed a strict diet before, so I’m just easing into it, a few items at a time. Afterwards, it’ll just be a matter of monitoring myself. Moderation is key, I don’t think I will ever cut a food item from my diet for ever, that’s too restrictive for my liking. I may not handle gluten or dairy very well, but that doesn’t mean I will be able to stop myself from pasta and pizza and cheese – my favourite things!

As well as getting rid of a few things from my normal diet – for the time being – I’ve also added a few items. Nothing totally new, but just adding to the empty slots where the almonds, apples and chocolates had been. The three being snacks, perhaps they don’t need to be replaced with other things, but, hey, I like my snacks. So, I tried to introduce eggs for breakfast and a lot more rice crackers. I’ll still have to bake muesli for A, though, who prefers sweet to savoury breakfasts. The egg thing didn't last. I preferred the yoghurt with granola and a banana better, so I am refining my granola recipe to less oats and more healthy nuts, such as walnuts.

Small adjustments for a healthier body!

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