Lunch place: Green Time

Sunday, November 20, 2016

There is a lady in Auckland who was so driven to make a change in the environment that she gave up her career as a lawyer to open up a restaurant. There is much to be admired in a person who is so passionate about a cause. Green Time is one of the few truly vegan restaurants about Auckland central city, using no animal products, refined sugar or peanuts.

When I went to Green Time on a work day lunch hour, the place had not been completely finished. The walls of this spacious place were still in progress, with the sketches in pencil marks and the ladder close by. Through the prep work you could still make out Kitty's story though, who served be behind the counter. I wouldn't have walked into the building if I hadn't specifically looked up what was closeby in town that had clean healthy-ish dishes on its menu. The service received during my rare lunch outing was outstanding, as I slurped the Japanese soba noodle, constantly being checked that everything was going alright.

Check out Green Time to be inspired by Kitty's story and to learn more about her story and enjoy some clean eating.

Green Time
28 Fort Street
Green Time Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Image via Unsplash/Mark Basarab

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