New Zealand shaking up again

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The earthquakes have returned. The morning after the midnight shock, I woke up to a page of Facebook notifications. S marked safe. M maked safe.

Huh, what is going on? How big was it this time?

Luckily, my parents in Christurchuch are safe, having been woken up by the unusually long shake episode they had felt in a long time.

Trying to reach my sister was harder. Text message, are you okay? Phone call, please leave a message after the tone. No answer for hours. Finally when I reach her, "Oh, I don't have any credit."

She sounded tired, it probably was a long sleepless turbulent night. Hope she is alright with all the after shocks, the cold wet windy weather isn't helping at all, and the tsunami warning.

The images of Kaikoura roads broken up, seaside turned upside down, and stranded cows, are shocking. It will take months to fix them up. What a disaster for the region just at the brink of the peak touristy summer season.

Friends check in on us from all over the world. Kia kaha, kia manawanui!

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