Hamilton Gardens

Monday, January 30, 2017

Hamilton is often disregarded as a passing town on the way to a better holiday place. For me it is a town full of cows but not many people, where you go to with your science class on a day trip.

This beautiful weekend, though, I asked to go to Hamilton to its famous Gardens. It's possibly the only thing that is attractive about this town, but so worth the visit. In this immense terrain, there are numerous manicured gardens reflecting different ages and cultures - Indian, Chinese, American, European - as well as for different uses - sustainable, herb.

It is a zoo of gardens that is free for everyone to enjoy, to smell, to admire, to rest, to run about. We did half in the morning then came back after lunch for the other half. I wish we had had more time!

Loving the sunny hot weather right now, we even went for our first swim this weekend. Please stay here a while!

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