Smart living tip: Loose tea

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A good friend of mine from Bordeaux stayed over the weekend at the start of her month-long journey around New Zealand. Unfortunately, she's not a coffee drinker and we had run out of tea at our place! Eek, poor house host moment!

Hunt for loose tea at the local supermarket ensued. Loose tea is a more sustainable option than having  individually packaged tea bags. Sadly, there was not a lot of choices at my Countdown. I found only two brands in a sea of boxes that offered non-tea bag options - in English breakfast, Earl grey and Ceylon.

Back at work after the holidays, I had to restock my black tea supply. A trip to my other supermarket, near work. It was the same story at New World - two brands nudged to the corner of its tea bag cousins.

In both supermarkets, Chanui was a constant loose tea provider, and Chanui is what I bought, for both my home and work.

Of course I could have gone to special tea shops, like T2, which I love. But they are so expensive, I would only get them for special occasions as presents to friends.

My favourite loose tea shop is in Mt Eden. Chapter Book and Tea shop is a lot cheaper than T2 and has a lovely collection of tea blends that you can smell and browse through, in this cute shop surrounded by books. A long time favourite is African dream. 

Wish they had more loose blend teas at the supermarkets!

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