Dinner place: El sizzling lomito

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

When D and N came to Auckland a few weeks ago, I knew where I wanted to take them for dessert. So I thought I'd take them to dinner next to the dessert place, so conveniently placed.

Good thing that they happened to stay close by for the night, so we could walk over. It had been a series of long flights for them from the other side of the world. After a little stretch of the legs, I hoped that they wouldn't fall asleep on top of their food.

We had never been to El sizzling lomito before but knew that it'd be a good choice since we have been to its big sister El sizzling chorizo in Ponsonby a couple of times, including with a South American friend. When a regional native recommends an Argentinian place as one of her favourites, you know that it's trustworthy.

El sizzling lomito has not yet gained its big sister's reputation. When we stepped into its industrial interior at around 7.30pm on a Friday, we had first begs at the table. Whereas I know El sizzling chorizo as more a meat dish place, lomitos are Argentinian sandwiches and so all four of us got different sandwiches with beer pairings.

For a moment I had a freak out because I only then remembered that N was actually not a meat eater. Fortunately like all good food places in Auckland, and in New Zealand in general, there are always one or two vegetarian and/or seafood options available, El sizzling lomito included.

The service at El sizzling lomito was attentive, polite and caring. Meat and bread aren't most people's first meal choices after hours of inactivity in small confined spaces, but D and N still managed to finish theirs off, so the lomitos weren't too heavy for the stomach.

Especially since they both had enough space for the much waited dessert afterwards.

El sizzling lomito
309 K Rd, Auckland
El Sizzling Lomito Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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