The wedding day: Natural romantic hair and makeup

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Can't believe it's already been a month since the wedding!

A took me out to our favourite Italian restaurant for a surprise lunch on Sunday. One of the topics on discussion during lunch was how I should get my hair cut. You see, I loved my hair at the wedding but now it's getting too long and in need of a change.

Tips for your wedding hair

A trial or two before the big day helps. The end of year Christmas events were a great excuse to test the looks and a great starting point from which to make adjustments.

Hair - Pony/Blaze 

At Blaze on Broadway in Newmarket, they give you a menu to choose from for the most popular styles. I knew that I'd wanted a low chignon, with soft braids down the side and the bun in a neat knot.

Getting my and the mother in law's hair done together was a little scary. What if she didn't like hers? Luckily everything went fine. Whew.

They also do haircuts and A the brother in law looked quite dashing in his new do,  so much cleaner than when he came back from the cold and wild 4 month adventure in Alaska and the mainland States.

Makeup - Bobbi Brown

Chosen for their philosophy of natural looks, I think my bridesmaids had fun choosing their own colours and picking out an item to keep. Be aware that Bobbi Brown won't do fake eyelashes, but I liked them better for standing up to their beliefs. I got their lipstick in the shade uber pink, which is soft, romantic and subtle. I have used quite a few of their ranges and was very glad with the final result.

For a girl who doesn't normally put much makeup or style her hair beyond the natural big and frizzy or low or high ponytails, the wedding day pampering was a fun exercise. Best excuse ever!

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