The wedding day: Wedding flowers

Sunday, March 05, 2017

I love flowers and candles but would enjoy them even more if they were not so expensive. I used to envy those people who seem to get huge bouquets of flowers delivered to work all the time. While we knew we wanted some flowers to decorate the church and possibly the reception venue, A and I also didn't want to go overboard with the expense. 

So, we got our flowers from two different places:

Bouquets & boutonnières at the florist

It's not worth the stress trying to create a bouquet by yourself on the morning of your wedding. We got quotes at select florists and decided on a price we deemed reasonable. As timing would have it, our wedding day fell on the weekend before Valentine's day, shooting up the average flower prices up to 30%, so this was doubly important. We set a price with the florist and gave a general idea of what we were after - white, heaps of greenery, with a hint of pale blue thrown in the mix - trusting them to be as creative as they wanted. Picking up the bouquets and boutonnières on the morning of the wedding, we were surprised at how large the bouquets were than we expected but also very happy that we had gone with an experienced florist instead of struggling by ourselves.

Church altar indoor flowers from a pop up flower shop

Same approach as at the traditional established flower shop above, once we knew how much we wanted to spend, we approached the florist we liked. A had picked up surprise flowers for me from this side road pop up florist many times before. Their approach being to get whatever is the best on offer for the day at the flower market each morning, the flowers options are ever changing and small but quality is better than at the supermarket and the price is friendlier than at the traditional florist's. Again, we got two big arrangements that exceeded our expectations. They were big, colourful, and oh so fragrant. After the wedding our livingroom felt and smelt like a florist's for weeks.

It was a dream come true.

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