Smart Living Tip: Homemade Lavender Sachets

Friday, April 14, 2017

Make your linen drawers smell beautifully like lavender, in just half an hour.

With some scrap material and a piece of ribbon, it's easy to make a small sachet to house fragrant dried lavender petals. Here is how I did it:

Get a long strip of fabric
Fold it in half, inside out, so the good sides are facing each other. 

Sew along the sides
I also folded the top flaps in so the pocket opening looks neater, but you may want a more frayed look. 

Pour the lavender in
As much as you desire. I filled mine 4-5 spoons, heaped.

Put a bow on it
The bags are not big, so a relatively short ribbon will do the trick. Or string. Make it tight so the petals do not escape!

Ta da!

Dimension wise, the fabric I used were about 30cm long and 10cm wide. These rectangular pieces were sewen in double stitches 0.5cm in, and the top flaps were folded 3.5cm. 

I made seven of these last night! It only takes 30 minutes to complete one sachet so it's a great mini project on a rainy day. 

Happy creating!

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