The wedding day: Transport/car

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

  • What kind of car do you want? A vintage classic? A sports car? Something unusual? 
  • Where can you hire them from? Will it be within your budget?

Our car story

None of the cars for weddings on hire sang out to us. We didn't want just any pretty car, we wanted it to be meaningful to us. If we were not careful, though, we could be walking to the church. 

Then A had the idea of contacting a vintage car club. 

The vintage car club

Not just any club, of course. It had to be a French car. It had to be the one his dad used to drive him to school in as a kid. And when we got the response, we hit the jackpot. A bright green Citroën convertible deux chevaux. The exact same car from A's childhood. 

We met Walter the owner of this classic Bamboo car, a few weeks before the wedding, to discuss the logistics of the wedding day. He would pick my parents and I up and drive us to the church. We would leave the wedding ceremony in the car to get our photos taken, before heading to the reception venue. A got to give the Bamboo a swirl and had a blast driving it - we even briefly considered getting one for ourselves!

A's French family and friends loved the classic car at our wedding. I think the others were a bit surprised at the unusual choice and colour of the wedding car - but small, cute and colourful, it suited us fine.

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