Secret Honeymoon destination: M...o?!

Monday, July 10, 2017

My husband had been planning for it for months. Somewhere special to celebrate our two lives bonded forever more. Multiple cities or multiple countries? How to get there from the end of the world that we live in? Anything was possible and I can tell you that it gave him headaches because of the open possibilities and pressure no doubt.

He wouldn't even tell his own mother, to whom he usually tells everything. It was that serious that this be a secret which cannot be leaked into my ears. By the time we got to the airport for our first flight, I can tell you that his mouth was itching furiously to finally spill his genius plans.

For there were multiple flights. I was expecting that though. The first boarding pass said Dubai. It had to be a transit. A day trip would have been nice but the time to and fro the actual destination would already eat up too much of the limited vacation time given. Next time.

At Dubai I expected to finally find out the final destination. But when we got to the gate, as late as possible, I was surprised to find we were going to London. He had not let me see the connecting boarding pass so I had no idea. London? We had both been to the UK at different times in our lives so it definitely was not on top of our lists to go back there any time soon. Another transit?! How many more flights to go? I want this honeymoon started already!

Unfortunately the honeymoon would be delayed for another 12 hours and two extra unplanned for flights due to a processing error before we finally got there. For we got to London only to realise we had missed our final flight. At least I now knew where we were headed: Montenegro!

It was the perfect honeymoon destination. It was unusual, not the most popular tourist destination but definitely a growing one. There was a story behind how Hubby came to choose this place. Two of my top places to visit include Morocco and Mexico, which both happened to start with an M and end in an O. Two other countries follow the same logic: Monaco and Montenegro. Since I've been to the first tiny country, the latter was the perfect unexpected honeymoon destination. There will always be time to get to the others in the future.

Montenegro is small. About 40 times smaller than France. It's also a very young country, a former Yugoslav nation having been made independent only in 2006. Its history tells of many wars between political and religious forces. Within its beautifully rugged landscape of rocky Adriatic coast and green and wild mountains sit many fortresses in ruins, Roman and Orthodox Catholic Churches as well as Muslim mosques.

Hubby organised everything: the car and accommodations in all of the interesting towns and villages around Montenegro. He even bought a travel guide that he had to order online because he couldn't find it in the bookshops. During two weeks we travelled everywhere in this small country exploring every possible nooks and crannies.

We got tanned. We got sick. We ate so much. We didn't want the holidays to be over!

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