Secret Honeymoon in Montenegro Part 3: Coming full circle and last stops

Monday, July 17, 2017

Day 13: Njegoš Mausoleum

Cetinje the old capital is a beautiful charming city with its main strip filled with former embassies and museums.
The Njegoš Mausoleum is grand and has an amazing view. After we'd walked up its hundreds of steps, though, hubby realised he had forgotten his wallet in the car. Oops. But the extra exercise was worth it.

We arrived back in Bay of Kotor tonight, laden with all the alcohol, honey and jams we'd accumulated during our trip. We had dinner at the same place in Kotor's Stari Grad (Old Town) we had our first meal in Montenegro.

Day 14: Perast

On the way to Herceg Novi we stopped by Perast, a pretty little maritime village. We hired a kayak to paddle over to the two islands nearby in the morning, before the winds picked up. I loved it.

Further along the coast, we had lunch at a former mill in Morinj, a quiet restaurant that apparently is a favourite amongst celebrities, judging by the snapshots on its walls. Prawns wrapped in zucchini and covered with carrot sauce - original and yum!
Herceg Novi turned out to be a disappointment with too many people and not enough swimming room. We ended up turning back to swim alone in our hotel pool. Not as cool as swimming in the sea but more peaceful.

For our last meal in Montenegro, we dressed up, and headed to the roof terrace of another boutique hotel in Old Town Kotor. We love this old town! The view over the terracotta roofs - which we had to ourselves for most of the evening- was special. As the sun descended and the candlelights came on, so did the lights along the walls in the mountains surrounding Kotor. Reminiscing on all we had experienced the past two weeks, it was the perfect end to a perfect honeymoon.

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